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The Other World of Hugo Simberg is a website that leads you on a journey into the art and life of the artist Hugo Simberg. It is intended for all who are interested in Simberg’s art, and it is designed also with the needs of educators in mind. The opportunity to engage creatively with the website brings the world of art close to the viewer.

The Works showcases the art of Hugo Simberg through twelve paintings. Clicking on a painting gives you access to visual and textual material associated with the work: different versions of the work in different media, photographs, sketches and/or letters. You are free to choose any work you like, there is no set order.

Participate – in this section you can explore the world of Hugo Simberg in a different way. What happens in a picture? Here you can tell your own version. Join speech or thought balloons from the menu to the characters in the main works, or write a story of your own about it. The balloons and the story field will adjust to the length of text.

Story Gallery is where the stories and ballooned pictures created in the Participate section are published. You can also share your work via Facebook and Twitter.

The Other World of Hugo Simberg website makes use of publicly accessible material from the archive collections of the Finnish National Gallery. You can access the material from the links provided on the pages.


Design, texts and selection of materials: Anja Olavinen
Working group: Janne Heinonen, Johanna Helin, Anja Olavinen, Eppu Peltonen, Anu Utriainen
English translations: Tomi Snellman
Technical implementation: Into-Digital



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Photo on the front page:

The Beach, Niemenlautta